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The Elm Tree

A New Immersive Greek Myth

Written by Dori A. Robinson

Co-Directed by Damon Krometis and Dori A. Robinson

Produced by Jonathan Zautner and Alight Theater Guild

When Thrace’s twin Mabry dies suddenly, he plunges himself into the Underworld in an effort to reunite his family. And so begins a journey to Hades where he is met by a fantastical cast of characters who explore memories, gender identities, family, and the very nature of love.  Through an immersive style, masks, music, and puppetry, the audience is guided through the Underworld, where they are led to examine the question: what would you sacrifice for those you love? 

Photos by Andrew Bunar, Louise Hamill, and Jonathan Zautner

A Bright Room Called Day

By Tony Kushner

Directed by Dori A. Robinson

Produced by Flat Earth Theatre 

Berlin, 1932. A group of bohemian friends struggle to respond as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rise to power. Watching their world unravel around them from the uncertain safety of Agnes Eggling’s apartment, these artists, activists, and idealists grapple with the responsibility of making moral choices in a time of vanishing options. A Bright Room Called Day by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award–winning playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in America) reverberates across time, from Germany’s Weimar Republic to contemporary America, posing timely questions about citizenship, resistance, and complicity.

Photos by Jake Scaltreto

Silent Sky

By Lauren Gunderson

Director Dori A. Robinson

Produced by Flat Earth Theatre

Elliot Norton Winner, Best Production, Fringe 

IRNE Nominated - Best Production, Best Director, Best Ensemble (Fringe) 

At Harvard Observatory at the turn of the 20th century, Henrietta Leavitt joins a group of women tasked with charting the heavens without being allowed to touch a telescope. Despite restrictions placed on her because of her sex, Henri devotes her life to the study of celestial bodies just out of reach, balancing the needs of love and family close at hand. Inspired by the real-life woman whose work allowed astronomers to measure the distance of faraway galaxies, the melodious and evocative Silent Sky challenges how we explore our universe by revealing the music of the stars.

Photos by Jake Scaltreto

Peter and the Starcatcher

Play by Rick Elice

Music by Wayne Barker

Based on the Novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Co-Directed by Sam Richert and Dori A. Robinson

Produced by the Young Company at Greater Boston Stage

Tony-winning Peter and the Starcatcher upends the century-old story of how a miserable orphan comes to be The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up.

Photos by Maggie Hall

James and the Giant Peach

Book by Timothy Allen McDonald
Music and lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Based on the book James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

Directed by Dori A. Robinson

Produced by the Advanced Young Company at Greater Boston Stage

When his conniving aunts send him to chop down their old fruit tree, James discovers a magic potion that brings him a giant peach and some giant insects with equally oversized personalities.