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Playwrighting and Dramaturgy

...samples forthcoming...

Playwriting                                                                                          THE ELM TREE                                                                        Alight Theater Guild

THE GREAT HARVEST *                                                           American Alliance for Theatre Educators

THE WINDOW TO BARBADOS                                                Theatrix, New York University

(the curse of the) 7 VEILS                                                           Bailiwick Director’s Festival

MEET JOHN DOE co-adapt w/Lou Contey ◆                               Shattered Globe Theatre

SIX WINGS TO ONE                                                                Brandeis University Theatre Dept.

THE PRINCIPAL STREAM                                                         Theatre Hikes

THE NAME OF A WOMAN                                                    Theatre Hikes

DRINK ME *                                                                             First Foot Theatre

CRANBERRY SOLDIERS                                                             Barnstable Comedy Club          


SKIN OF OUR TEETH - d. Betsy Goldman                                    Curry College

JACK AND THE GIANT - d. Tyler Rosati                                     Greater Boston Stage

LOBSTERGIRL - d. Weylin Symes                                                Greater Boston Stage

IT’S NOT ABOUT MY MOTHER - d. Cassie Loverling                   Fresh Ink Theatre

CHRISTMAS ON THE AIR - d. Shana Gozansky                           Greater Boston Stage

MACBETH - d. Nancy Smithner                                                  Looking for Shakespeare, NYU

JUDGMENT AT NURENBERG* - d. Lou Contey                            Shattered Globe Theatre

A SEASON IN THE CONGO* - d. Brian Voelker                          Timeline Theatre Company

Samples forthcoming! Thanks for your patience. 

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