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Tree Speech's first immersive exhibit opens soon! 

A Conversation In A Clearing will bring the Tree Speech podcast to life, allowing audiences to engage with trees, and reflect on their relationship with nature and the environment - as well as their place within a continual lineage of the earth and its seasons.

Combining audio narrative storytelling with a physical representation of a peaceful, winter clearing in the woods, the immersive installation allows visitors to actively relax, and settle into a place where their minds and hearts may feel at ease. This enchanted space allows the imagination to be free.

The exhibit will be running at the Storage Closet Gallery at 160 Western Ave, Floor 2, in Lowell, MA from November 5- December 10, coinciding with Open Studios on 11/5, 12/3, and 12/10 from 12-5 pm at Western Avenue Lofts & Studios.


Alight Theater Guild presents Tree Speech, a blend of narrative storytelling, interviews, and wanderlust at the intersection of the personal, historical, and cultural ways that trees impact our lives. Each episode seeks to find new understandings of the tangled relationships we have with the natural world in which we inhabit.  

We examine folklore, history, holidays, and current events while exploring trees in our conversations around race, religion, and resources with people whom all share deep connections to them-from artists and writers to historians and educators, hikers and arborists to environmental activists and advocates.


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hearing the forest through the trees

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